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11/25/09 04:02 PM #1    

H. D. Tripp

Is anyone coming to North Little Rock for the playoff game on 11-27-09?
H.D. Tripp

01/26/10 03:50 PM #2    

Kent Noyes

Hey guys! Click on the "Missing Classmates" list. It's huge!!

I just did it and knew the email addresses of three of them so an "invitation" could be sent to them.

If everyone looks this over and knows the email address of a few of these guys, maybe we'll at least get more updates even if they don't attend.

Oh - PS - anyone remember what our class song was?????

Hint - it was by Seals & Crofts........ "Life, so they say is but a game and they let it slip away"

01/27/10 07:42 PM #3    

Robin Craft

We may never pass this way again? That's cheerful.

03/10/10 04:10 AM #4    

Betsy Fisher (Barton)

So true, Robin - It kinda depressed me, even back then . . . Shoulda been a rocking song!!! (no disrespect to the one who chose the song - was it Mr. Haver?)

04/28/10 07:35 PM #5    

Mary Ann Whitson (Williams)

I totally agree! LOL! So depressing!

06/02/10 09:16 AM #6    

Mike Bolin

Made us sound like the fighting Kidney stones instead of the Rebels.

06/27/10 10:39 PM #7    

Cindy Moore (Spicer)

 Props to all who have done the SHS reunion website.  I have a blast reading all the profiles and seeing what we have all become over the years.  Thanks, and I hope the website will remain after the reunion and hopefully we can post some pictures of our time together in July!   Also, thanks to Ken for the yearbook pages!

07/18/10 09:29 PM #8    

Evelyn Foster (Dixon)

Even as depressing as the class song was, we kicked ass.  Framptom, Jaws, cool cars, Saturday night fever, what do our kids have-- Family guy?  I would love just a day to relive the innocence, or at least the simpler life.  We are so bambarded with technology, and web sites, and phones that do everything except make coffee for us in the morning.  Even though I know we could never go back again, I'd like to visit it some from time to time.  We still got a cool car, my husband drag races, and if you have never gone, you havent lived.  I wish all of you who knew me, the very best since I am unable to be at the reunion, and my thoughts will be with you.  I was a major dork in high school, scared of my own shadow, but nursing school makes you pretty strong, so I am not close to the person I was back then.  God bless you all, and have fun for me!

Evelyn Foster ( Dixon)

07/31/10 02:30 PM #9    

Cindy Eubanks (Seals)

thanks for all the work,  had great time

cindy eubanks


08/04/10 01:39 AM #10    


Jerry Landes

Some of you may remember me from your days at Chaffin Jr. High or, perhaps, your sophomore year at SHS in '73.  I moved away from there and spent my junior year in Virginia and graduated in Texas.  I thought seriously about trying to make it to the reunion to catch up with some ol' friends; however, I spent that weekend moving my younger son into his apartment at Texas A&M.  The sacrifices we make for our kids...

Just wanted to say, "hello," and I wish I could have made it to the reunion.  From what I can tell in the photos I've seen, everyone there had a great time.  Thiry-seven years of time passing by has made it interesting for me to try to recognize many of your faces - thank goodness for whoever made the name tags.  I'll try to keep up with this website, and I look forward to the next reunion.


08/12/10 05:59 PM #11    

Ken Cowan

This may be a little off topic from SHS, but I feel it important enough to post anyway.

Those of you who still live around Fort Smith or Northwest Arkansas, and especially those of you (like me) who went to college at the U of A in Fayetteville, will remember the band Zorro and the Blue Footballs.  They were quite popular in the mid to late '70's, and into the early '80's.  I saw them perform more times than I can remember back in those days, and if you ever did you know just what a great bunch of musicians and entertainers (to the edge of the envelope) they were.  For example, I will always remember their craziness and the great show that they put on at the Swingin' Door after the Razorbacks beat the then No. 1 Texas Longhorns in Fayettevile in 1981.

The lead singer of Zorro was Windy Austin.  After Zorro broke up in the '80's, Windy formed another band named Windy Austin and the Hot House Tomato Boys, which was presently still performing to my knowledge.  Sadly, I learned this week that Windy died on Saturday, August 7th, in Springdale.  I understand that there is to be a memorial service, appropriately to be held at George's Majestic Lounge on Dickson Street in Fayetteville on Sunday, August 15th at 4:00pm.  For those of us who can't make it, but who remember Windy fondly, remember to drink a beer, turn towards Fayetteville, and say a toast to Windy at the appointed hour!

Take care.


03/21/11 10:39 PM #12    

Ned Nowotny

Does anyone know if these notices are for the Sterling Kellogg we knew?

Sterling S. Kellogg - Obituary -

Obituaries: Sterling Kellogg, Hamilton County | Chattanooga Times ...



02/13/15 05:55 PM #13    

Lynn Freeman (Scott)

Hi Ned,

I have an old college friend I am still in touch with that knew Sterling. When I read your message I sent him an email to ask your question and he said as far as he knew the answer was unfortunately, yes.  He didn't know how he passed away but that he had died several years ago.  According to Sterling's online obit, which you have referenced, he died on May 18, 2010, in Hixon, TN, where he was living.

My college friend is from New Orleans, still lives in that area and met Sterling when he was living in New Orleans years ago.  It is odd how this came up but once we were talking about people we knew with unusual names and I mentioned Sterling's name because I always thought is was so cool.  Anyway, my friend said he knew a guy named Sterling Stayton Kellogg, III, which was weird and it turned out to be the same one.

Sorry to be the bearer of sad news but I think it is better to know than to keep wondering.  I hope all is well with you and yours.  I am still trying to adjust to the fact that we all graduated from Southside 40 years ago this coming May.  Yikes and LOL!


02/14/15 12:45 PM #14    

Ned Nowotny

Thanks, Lynn. Sad news, but I appreciate it just the same.

02/15/15 12:36 PM #15    

Kent Noyes

Oh My! I'm sorry to say that I had no idea of this either. Terrible to be that out of touch. Many fond Elementary/Junior High/High School memories of Sterling. Riding Mini Trail 70's around, his dad's purple 1970 Challenger was awesome. Last time I was in Ft Smith, I got to visit his house (Jay Jones owns), lot of memories of sleepovers there. My first 'Junior High Date' was with him and Cindy Petit. Playing his organ, his mom Coleen treated us great, I loved her. He use to 'race' his dad's 750 Honda out at Lock & Dam 13....very fast.....last time I saw Sterling he was an accomplished cabinet craftsman. I often think fondly about times with him. I will still, but am saddened by this news. My condolences to all that knew him.

02/15/15 04:00 PM #16    

Kent Noyes

Not to "belabor" this, guessing you guys that kept up probably know all of this stuff. Sterling's son's photo(Sterling Stayton Kellogg) on facebook looks the same as his references to our Sterling unfortunately. guess there's a story here......that I'm behind on after all these years. There is now at least one posting on his Obituary Memory section.....

06/13/24 12:26 AM #17    

Linda Webb

I would like to have a 50th reunion next year and will help in any way I can. I know that Northside is having one and it might be nice to coordinate with them, if possible. I know previous classes have - having individual gatherings then joining for one big ending celebration. Some were held in the same facility with a movable room divider. I've never attended a reunion but would love the opportunity to change that!

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