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Residing In: Winter Springs, FL USA
Occupation: President, Impact Food Group
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After graduating from SHS, I went to Ouachita Baptist University -- and swam for the OBU swim team - All Conference for 3 years and OBU's Outstanding Swimming Athlete of the year for all 4 years.

I joined a WILD fraternity and had a great time at a "Baptist" University. I located the library my senior year when they told me that had magazines in there.

After graduating, I went to Henderson State University and was a Graduate Assistant and the Men's Swim Coach.

After being tired of being "broke" I went to work for Land O'Frost in Searcy Arkansas as a production supervisor. For the next 8 years I worked my way through the ranks and became the Assistant to the President until I bought my first company in 1987.

In 1987, the President and owner of Land O'Frost asked me to come back to take on the role as the director of Business Development (primarily in acquisitions).

By 1993, the company acquired a Meat Processing and Beef Slaughter Company in Uruguay South America. I became the President and was there until the sale of the company in 2002. During that time I was able to travel a great deal visiting Japan, Thailand, Germany, England, France, Israel, Brazil, Argentina, and Palestine. It was a great opportunity for a "small town boy".

In 2000, the Secretary of State Madeline Albright, award my company the State Departments award for Corporate Excellence. This award is based on nominations received by all of the US embassies arournd the world to identify companies who operate outside of the US borders and represent the highest standards and American values.

In 2003, I left Uruguay and moved to Orlando Florida where I began looking for my next career. In 2004, I bought into a rapid growing TEX-MEX restaurant operation called Tijuana Flats Burrito Company (

In the past 5 years, my restaurant management company has opened 4 Tijuana Flats and we are continuing to find ways to grow the company.

School Story:

Wow...I had a lot of fun in Ft. Smith, and many fond memories. My family moved to Ft. Smith when I was in the 7th grade from New Orleans.

I guess one of the most humbling experiences that first year, was learning that I wasn't a very fast runner. In gym class Coach Creekmore (Ramsey Jr. High) had us run laps around the track. I was always way out in front each time.

One day, he asked me if I had ever run track. NO... so he invited me to come to a track meet and allowed me to get out of some afternoon classes. I showed up at the gym and told one of the managers that I was there because the coach asked me to come out, he gave me a uniform and I went out on the track. They put me in the 440 and I came in 2nd to LAST!! The only guy I beat out of about 16 people was a guy who pulled a muscle. I was devasted....needless to say I didn't run track anymore!

I did go out for football the next year. I think I weighed all of 80 lbs (maybe). But that was OK, because there was Tommy Malone, Larry Jackson, Phillip Wakefied and a few others that were in the same boat. Needless to say, I spent most of my time on the bench.

In High School, I took spanish from Mrs. Dykes with Keith Broadwater and others. I can only say I didn't learn any spanish (that really would have been useful later on!!) The only words I knew were curse words that the Oscar Aguilar taught us.

I ran for Jr. Class President and got defeated by Catherine McCann, so I became the vice president. But it did get me in front of the whole class for our "speeches", something I've never been fond of.

My freshman year, I was in ROTC (why I'm not sure), but it taught me that you have to be careful when you drink MALT LIQUOR while playing softball and then have to go the Algebra class afterwards.

I loved the pep rallies in the gym and was active in kicking up our feet.

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