In Memory

Joe Ross

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07/09/09 09:48 AM #1    

Robert Cawthorn

I played football at Ramsey Jr. High with Joe. He was always quite animated and I remember him well from those days.

07/29/09 06:31 PM #2    

Ken Knight

I heard second hand that Joe passed away from a heart attack at age 39 (1996?), was married, and living in FL. Joe lived down the street from me from grades 1-12 and we spent a lot of time hanging out in the hood with Paul Hayden, Larry Jackson, Wayne Smithson, and others. Joe was the first guy to get a "man van" with a custom paint job, super stereo (8-track, HA), and shag carpet. Lots of partying went on in that ride...

10/26/09 05:28 PM #3    

Betsy Fisher (Barton)

Doug Maciejack wrote me and said that Joe died in a motorcycle accident. If anyone else has any more info, let us know.

01/27/10 08:12 PM #4    

Robin Craft

I heard heart attack, in his sleep, (though almost certainly I got this info from Ken Knight!). At the time though, as I remember, we had quite a few details through Joe's brother so I believe it happened as Ken said, in Florida.

I know Ken, Tommy Malone, Paul Hayden and others will remember Joe's big German Shepard that accompanied Joe around the neighborhood; he (the dog, not Joe) always carried a good-sized rock in his mouth--always. Remember that? Joe would be biking around, the dog staying right with him, and when they would stop to rest or visit, the dog would drop this big spit-covered rock out of his mouth, then when it was time to move on, the dog would pick up the rock again and off they would go.

Funny the things you remember.

06/24/10 04:16 PM #5    

Doug Kelley

Died in his sleep is correct.  Lived around Tampa at the time.  I guess all that partying in that van (and it was a nice one) and afterwards caught up with him.

07/21/10 04:10 PM #6    

Paul Hayden

Joe was a great, loyal friend. We grew up in the same neighborhood, with Ken Knight, Larry Jackson, and a bunch of others roughly the same age -- with Wayne Smithson and Bob Skinner just up the hill. We spent a lot of time together. He was an airplane mechanic when he died and I do remember that he was in Florida and it was a heart attack -- and that he was not yet 40. To say he did not take care of himself was an understatement, but he sure lived life to the fullest. I will never forget him driving down the road playing "air guitar", steering with his knees, and singing along to either "Free Bird" or the Wishbone Ash album Wishbone 4.  Don't try that one at home, kids.

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